Thursday, August 6, 2015

Loving a gift.

In loving memory of Dennis - 8/8/2011

Loving each other is not a pastime, it is a passion. 

My heart knows fear but soars to meet yours.
It's not chance but choice that makes love true and risky.
Two become one; in body and mind leaving the world behind.
To that place where time stands still if only for moments in time.

The journey of lovers who's story is worth telling.
One of breathtaking adventure and playful abandon.
One of unending commitment because trust has value 
and broken promises belong to the unfaithful. 

Knowing when compromise is not failure but faith.
Trusting your love is more give than take. 
Our touch flows out from the heart.
Until that day when we part.

Thank you for unwrapping the gift. 
Freely given in the good and the bad.
Forever in my heart you will be. 
We will meet again in eternity.

The time has come to let go.
To leave the past and meet the future.
Ever grateful to have been loved 
And you letting me love you back. 

~darlene sue armstrong