Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Last year I started a new tradition. I wake up early and I thought a trip to the beach would be wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. It was and I carried that new tradition into today.  It was an amazing time of peaceful joy drinking in the beauty. 

I had a special gift of having a one lone pelican waiting on the beach for me to capture on camera. I do believe it was a male. It had bright yellow adorning its head.  One of the few possesions Dennis brought to our marriage was a wooden pelican standing on a dock post.  Hence, my love for the gift of seeing that one lone bird.  The first Sunday after his death I went to the beach for waterfront worship and there where Pelicans everywhere. I had never seen so many.  I always felt that to was a gift to me letting me know he was living eternal life with the Father. 

It has been four years and this year is the first year I have been able to get excited about Christmas. I keep telling people I was sprinkled with pixie dust or something.  The one thing I found striking was I felt more Christmas spirit this morning at the beach than I did in two different worship services last night.  Last night I sensed an aloneness even though I was surrounded by people.  I saw a few people that I was able to grab a hug from but over all I felt alone. Not lonely just alone, how can that be when we are a loving church community?  

The contrast at the beach this morning really made me think even more about this.  Everyone was sharing cheerful and warm greetings of "Merry Christmas",  it felt so connecting and real!  After my walk/run I sat and drank hot chocolate and thought about how big our world is and how do I fit into His creation? 

May the peace of God fill you with the sense of belonging that you know you are His beloved!  

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