Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unity in Spirit

Many of you know I work in a church office.  Much of my job revolves around people coming to the church looking for help.   It is the most difficult part of my job and takes a heavy toll on me at times.  I am often  the voice that tells them “sorry we cannot help you with that” and I send them on their way. The response can be varied.   Sometimes they accept the no and other times they yell at me saying “what do you mean you are a church?” 

Today, three younger black ladies came in wanting to know where our food pantry was and were we giving out turkeys for Thanksgiving.   I told them the pantry is only on Thursday but wouldn’t be open this week.  I invited them join us tomorrow night at 6 pm for Thanksgiving dinner. 

They then asked about our Thrift shop and did we give out vouchers for clothes.   We do and I am also the appointed gate keeper for deciding what to approve.   Our Thrift shop is run by volunteers and they could not know who has gotten help for day to day. 

As I was helping these ladies, a church lady came in and greeted us.  She then asked me “where was Dennis”.  It was like I entered a vortex and thought she was asking where my Dennis was.   I looked her and started tearing up.  I said, you know who I thought you meant.  She was asking about our worship leader is also named Dennis. 

My church friend mentioned to the ladies my Dennis was in heaven.   They immediately shifted their concern over their needs to me.  It was a genuine concern and one lady asked I needed a hug.  I assured them I would be just fine.  But in light of craziness that is happening right now, this moment of unity between women sharing something we all understand touched me deeply! 

It is so easy to stereo type people and put “them” (those who are different than us) in the boxes that we think “they” belong in, when all WE want is to know someone cares.
Giving thanks for the small things that become huge things.    
Peace be with you!  …just me, d

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