Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections of Christmas 2012

Last Christmas, I traveled to be with family and it was wonderful to be with those I love dearly. This year, I chose to stay put, knowing that part of what I needed was to have quiet time to experience more of my new "Normal". I have been working on my art journal all day. Today, I made pages on peace, joy and love. I had already done a Hope page. The process has been good for me. Creative outlet brings me into one with THE CREATOR as much as worship does. The first week is begins with HOPE!
The second week is PEACE! Oh that we would have peace in this world.
The third Sunday in Advent is the day we light the pink candle. It symbolizes "Joy"
The forth Sunday in Advent is LOVE. These two pages are side by side in the journal.
My next stop is into the kitchen to start my dinner. It's all good!

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