Friday, August 17, 2012

stampers' sampler take ten TM Autumn 2012

I was so surprised today when I went to get the mail. I had a package that said Artcomp Mail no return address.

 When I opened it I found stampers' sampler take ten TM Autumn 2012 edition. What is even more amazing the card was sent in a long time ago. So they do hang on to our work and when it fits the layout, color, theme they use it.

They do not say in the instructions but the stamp was from The Angel Company TM which unfortunately is no longer in business but Red Rubber Designs has a lot of the stamps that were from The Angel Company.  I do have an email into them to see if they have this one but have not heard back. Sorry they do not currently have this stamp set but they do have a lot of the others. 

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Daniella said...

Thank you for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet comment!!
I see you got the same surprise I got. I didn't read the 'art comp' thing on the front until you just wrote it! I sent my submission into Stampers Sampler for the tape challenge and ended up in Take Ten so they do whatever they want with the stuff we send, and it is a huge surprise when we realize we were selected!
Congratulations to you!!