Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Little Word for 2012

       Looking back I have realized I picked the word “Hope” for my 2011 “One Little Word”.   As best as I can tell I did one blog post for the word. One other page in my art journal but other than keeping the word close to my heart, I did not put to paper what the word was doing in my life.

      As the year comes to close, it is hard to believe that my life has been turned upside down. Where is my hope? Hope is there but hard to grasp other than knowing there is always “Hope” when you believe that Jesus died for your sins and that you are forgiven if you ask to be forgiven.

      My hope lies in knowing I have so many people who have been keeping me in prayer for peace and comfort and hope for a new day and way of living that will bring me “Joy”.

     The word “Joy” has been popping up all around me. How do you have “Joy” when you are suddenly a widow at 61?   Why would joy be the word I would want to focus on?   It is not something I wish to feel right now but regardless of how I feel, I am going to claim “Joy” as my one little word for 2012.

I am also going to carry courage 2010, hope 2011 through me on the journey to “Joy”.

Sharing from Ali Edwards blog join her by choosing your "One Little Word" or let your word pick you and take the journey of exploring all that word has in store for your life.

Join my on my journey to "Joy"

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Bless you for seeking joy. My husband died in November; my words for 2012 are balance and peace, both of which I'm seeking.
My word for 2011 was breath; I found myself really struggling to remember to breath. It's not easy but knowing others have been standing in the gap for me has made it bearable. When I'm not in any shape to pray other than "Please God, help me" knowing others are praying keeps me strong.
May the worst of 2012 be from the best of 2011; God's blessings on you.