Monday, January 3, 2011

Strathmore Journal Workshop 1

Elizabeth P. told me about an online journal workshop given by  Strathmore Workshop 1 . I signed up and have created the beginnings of my first two pages.

This is my first page for week one.

I also added page two and maybe should have waited on color but everything is open to change!  It's my journal.


Pattio said...

Off to a great start.


ps your pottery in your banner is gorgeous!

Barbara said...

I am also enrolled in both the Strathmore Art Journal class and One Little Word over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.
Great way to start the new year!
Looking forward to seeing you more online.
I'll try to remember to come back and check out this blog.
Mine (that I co-write with my daughter) is:

Becky said...

great start. Looks like a fun workshop.

Chaska said...

What a lovely beginning!

Ophelia said...

I love your journal page!!! What a great start...I haven't even been able to get over there yet..but I will!!! Thanks for sharing!