Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art Journal Thoughts

I haven't worked on my journal since the earthquake hit Haiti. Much has happened and I am thinking a lot about where my art is going. I have been focused on stamping and then started scrapbooking and I love both. But, I find them limiting in where I can go, so I am going to try to refocus my energy into being more free with what I do.


Kitten said...

I know how you feel, Darlene. I've always loved stamping & still do...I also love working in my art journal. But these days I have a fascination with art charms & beads. I think we all evolve in our artwork, which is a good thing. Try to run with your current works for me.

The quake in Chile adds even more weight to the concerns of the people there & in Haiti. If you haven't seen Rebecca Sower's Haiti by Hand blog, it's a must see. I've just finished a charm bracelet to donate to her Etsy shop to benefit the women who are trying to make a living there by making art.

Maybe YOU need to return to clay??? Could be what you're longing for.

Merry's Musings said...

HI there, I met you on OWH blog hop and I was snooping I see you have this blog also. I am following you here as I am also interested in clay and in mixed media arts (as well as a million other things) So I wish you good luck if you ever decide to get back into those areas! Many smiles, and God Bless!